For any type of beer

AGROMETAL produces turnkey equipment for the production of all types of beer.
Our innovative solutions guarantee your success and low product cost.


Company profile

Pub type breweries
The perfect combination of traditional technology and modern, efficient equipment

Agrometal is an experienced manufacturer of brewing equipment of both industrial and decorative pub or restaurant type.  
The key to our success is 30 years of experience and, as a result, more than 150 plants put into operation.
Our equipment, thanks to a multitude of innovative solutions (including under patent protection), is universally suitable for the production of not only any classic (light and dark), but also modern craft beers.

The design, manufacture and commissioning of equipment for breweries are performed by highly qualified specialists and experienced brewmasters.
Our modern and efficient equipment meets the most stringent hygiene requirements.
For the production of equipment Agrometal uses only high quality raw materials and components from world famous manufacturers.

Turnkey breweries, innovative solutions
Agrometal produces equipment for turnkey breweries.
During designing and manufacturing process of equipment we paid special attention to use innovative technical solutions that reduce energy consumption and increase productivity.
Specialists of the Agrometal company consider one of their main tasks to increase the environmental friendliness of equipment and technology. 

Our breweries and brewing equipment are available worldwide
The high quality of products produced by our breweries has been confirmed by numerous gold and silver medals at many international major contests, and they respond to the complex taste of consumers.

Principles of our business

Responsible approach to customer requests.
Close cooperation with the client at the beginning of each project to the finished product.


Agrometal equipment

High-tech innovative equipment

Breweries for various purposes

Mini breweries

Modern, efficient and economical plants for the production of different types of beer
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Pub or restaurant type breweries

Modern, efficient and economical equipment for the production of various types of beer, made in the traditional or modern style, considering individual project of customer’s decoration and design.
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Industrial breweries

High-performance, modern, energy-efficient, cost-effective equipment for the production of different types of beer with a high degree of automation of technological processes.
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Beer brewery equipment

Equipment for conditioned malt milling

Specially developed technology of conditioned malt milling for industrial breweries and soft conditioned malt milling for mini and pub breweries in order to optimize profits, increase equipment productivity and improve the quality of beer.
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Beer brewing equipment

Multifunctional equipment to reduce necessary investment, time costs and increase equipment productivity.
The equipment allows the use of non-malting substitutes as a raw material for malt substitution.

Boil kettle - Whirlpool

The design of the universal boil kettle can significantly reduce economic costs as a result of combining technological operations and allows a significant time reduction during wort boiling.
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Mash - lauter tun

Multifunctional equipment (mashing and mash lautering are combined in one vessel) provides an increase in productivity - min. up to 4 brews per day.
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Mash tun - boil kettle

Economical solution for small businesses in order to reduce time costs, production room and equipment cost.
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External wort heater

An effective solution of wort boiling technology for the purpose of high-quality protein coagulation for breweries.
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Additional equipment

CIP washing equipment

Traditional and versatile innovative technology for automatic washing of equipment.
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Cooling for free

In order to reduce energy and operating costs of refrigeration equipment, the natural cold of atmospheric air is used.
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Cooling system

Innovative cooling systems to reduce operating and investment costs, improve the reliability and environmental friendliness of equipment.
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Air and CO2 filters

Systems of mechanical filtration and sterilization of air and carbon dioxide to meet the needs of brewing equipment.
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Beer pasteurization

Tunnel type equipment is the ideal solution for continuous pasteurization of bottled beer. Flow type pasteurizers are made for heat treatment of draft and bottled beer.

Hopping technology


An effective infusion-type device for hot hopping of the wort, It is an excellent tool for enhancing the harmony of taste and character of beer.
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An effective device for dry hopping the wort with the subsequent aromatization of beer. It is used in the production of IPA and ARA beers.
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Process control systems


Automated and semi-automated technology process control systems.
The operator terminal is a state-of-the-art touch screen graphic display that provides the convenience and accuracy of command and command execution.  
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Fermentation control

Temperature control system to ensure maximum efficiency of the fermentation process.


Remote access via Internet and mobile devices (eg smartphone, laptop). It is a convenient tool for controlling technological processes through remote access.

Yeast technology


Reliable and easy to use system for the production and processing of yeast.
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Why choose «Agrometal» technology?

12 good reasons to choose in our favor


Top management = company owners: personal contact with the customer and prompt decision making

High level of automation of technological processes

The ability to remotely control brewing processes

Gentle conditioned malt milling

Multifunctional mashing and lautering equipment

Efficient multifunctional wort boiling - complete protein coagulation

Low Oxigen Brewing Technology

Automated discharge of used malt

Free cold energy with Free Cooling technology

An efficient cold accumulation system for regulating the loads of cooling aggregates

Accelerated cooling technology of CCT-tanks

High level engineering

European equipment + European quality assurance = European quality


The key to our success

– modern equipment –
– effective technology –
– turnkey readiness –
– training of operators –
– service –
– brand –

The success of our customers is our success.
Our credibility = the trust of our customers

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